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Etherchannel Network Lab

The GNS3 application and IOS C2691-EN.BIN(Router) and C3725-AD.BIN (Switches) are required to complete the following exercise.  If you are using a different IOS then the .NET file will need to be edited.  You will also need to use the Virtual PC application included in each of the Lab files to verify the PC Reachability.

The purpose of this lab is to configure, verify, and troubleshoot the routers and switches for  Etherchannel and verify convergence.  Please view the below diagram to see the cabling and IP Addressing and VLSM scheme .  There are 3 lab types listed below:

Blank Lab (Topology Only) - Provides non-configured lab to gain knowledge of provisioning

Preconfigured Lab - Provides fully configured lab to allow for analysis of show / debug commands.

Troubleshooting Lab - Provides incorrectly configured lab to allow for troubleshooting.

Etherchannel Configuration Commands & Output

Router Commands

Switch1 Commands

Switch2 Commands

Switch3 Commands

Switch4 Commands

Switch5 Commands


Etherchannel Configuration Files

Router Configuration

Switch1 Configuration

Switch2 Configuration

Switch3 Configuration

Switch4 Configuration

Switch5 Configuration


GNS3 Labs

Etherchannel GNS3 Blank Lab (Topology Only)

Etherchannel  GNS3 Preconfigured Lab

Etherchannel  GNS3 Troubleshooting Lab