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3620 Router

The Cisco 3620 router has 2 PCMCIA Memory Slots, 2 Network Modules, Console, and Aux port.


Support Documentation


Cisco 3600 Series Hardware Installation and Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Cisco 3620 and Cisco 3640 Router Quick Start Guide

Cisco 3600 Series Routers Hardware Installation Guide

Installing Power Supplies in Cisco 3600 Series Routers

Rack-Mounting and Wall-Mounting Cisco 3600 Series Routers and the Cisco Redundant Power System

Installing a Fan-Speed Controller in Cisco 3620 Routers

Password Recovery Procedure for the Cisco 3600 and 3800 Series Routers

Cisco 3600 Series Router Architecture

Hardware Troubleshooting for the Cisco 3600 Series Router

Troubleshooting the DSP on NM-HDV for Cisco 2600/3600/VG200 Series Routers

Troubleshooting Layer 1 on a Cisco 1700/2600/3600 ADSL WIC



Additional Information

How Async Lines are Numbered in Cisco 3600 Series Routers

"%Error opening tftp:// config" Error Message Prevention

Back up and Restore Configuration Files

Capturing Text Output from Hyperterminal

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Configuring a Comm/Terminal Server for Sun Console Access

Prevent "Translating. domain server (" Messages after an Invalid Command is Entered on a Router

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Use of the Configuration Register on All Cisco Routers

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Software Upgrade Procedure

Auxiliary Port, Console Port, And Adapter Pinouts For Cisco 1000, 1600, 2500, 2600, And 3600 Series Routers