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3550 Switch

The Cisco 3550 switch




Support Documentation


Catalyst 5000 Family Installation Guide

Product Overview

Switch Description

Site Planning

Installing the Switch

Removal and Replacement Procedures

Troubleshooting the Installation


Supervisor Engine I and II Installation & Configuration Note


Command Reference (4.5)

Command-Line Interfaces

Switch, ATM, and ROM Monitor Commands



Catalyst 5000 Series Workgroup MIB User Quick Ref (2.3 & 2.4)

Introduction to Catalyst 5000 Series Switch Workgroup MIB

Catalyst 5000 Series Switch Workgroup MIBs

Catalyst 5000 Series Switch Management MIBs

Catalyst 5000 Series Switch Traps


Catalyst 5000 Series Multilayer Switching User Guide (4.1)

Product Overview

Network Implementation

Configuring Multilayer Switching




Best Practices

Best Practices for Catalyst 5000 Series Switches Running CatOS Configuration and Management


CGMP and IGMP Snooping

Multicast in a Campus Network: CGMP and IGMP Snooping



Understanding and Configuring the Unidirectional Link Detection Protocol Feature


Connectors and Cabling

Catalyst Switch Cable, Connector, and AC Power Cord Guide



Understanding and Troubleshooting DHCP in Catalyst Switch or Enterprise Networks



Understanding EtherChannel Load Balancing and Redundancy on Catalyst Switches



Memory/Flash Size Supported in Catalyst Switch Platforms


Hardware Troubleshooting

Hardware Failure Checklist for Catalyst 5000 Series Switches Running CatOS

Hardware Troubleshooting for Catalyst 5500/5000/2926G/2926 Series Switches


Inter-Vlan Routing

Configuring InterVLAN Routing Using an Internal Router (Layer 3 Card) on Catalyst 5000 Switches That Run CatOS System Software

Troubleshooting the Catalyst 5000 Route Switch Module (RSM) and InterVLAN Routing



Configuring a Management IP Address on Catalyst5000 and Catalyst Fixed Configuration Switches

Configuring System Information on Catalyst Switches

Managing Software Images and Working with Configuration Files on Catalyst Switches

Resetting Catalyst Switches to Factory Defaults

TFTP Server Selection and Use



How to Upgrade Software Images on Catalyst Switch Layer 3 Modules



Constraining Multicast Traffic with Source and Receivers on the Same VLAN on Catalyst Switches Running Catalyst OS


Multilayer Switching(MLS)

System Requirements to Implement MLS

Troubleshooting IP Multilayer Switching


Recovery from Corrupted or Missing Software

Recovering a Catalyst 5000 RSM from a Corrupted or Missing Image, Boot, or ROMmon Mode

Recovering Catalyst Switches Running CatOS from Booting Failures



Configuring TACACS+, RADIUS, and Kerberos on Cisco Catalyst Switches

Private VLAN Catalyst Switch Support Matrix


Spanning Tree Protocol

Rebuilding the Multicast Entries with CGMP and Spanning Tree Topology Changes

Spanning Tree PortFast BPDU Guard Enhancement

Spanning Tree Protocol Root Guard Enhancement

Spanning-Tree Protocol Enhancements using Loop Guard and BPDU Skew Detection Features

Understanding and Configuring Backbone Fast on Catalyst Switches

Understanding and Configuring the Cisco UplinkFast Feature

Using PortFast and Other Commands to Fix Workstation Startup Connectivity Delays

VLAN Load Balancing Between Trunks Using the Spanning-Tree Protocol Port Priority



How to Configure SSH on Catalyst Switches Running CatOS


Switch Port Analyzer(SPAN)

Configuring the Catalyst Switched Port Analyzer (SPAN) Feature


Switch Port Problems

Configuring and Troubleshooting Ethernet 10/100/1000Mb Half/Full Duplex Auto-Negotiation

Recovering From errDisable Port State on the CatOS Platforms

Troubleshooting Switch Port and Interface Problems



Common CatOS Error Messages on Catalyst 5000/5500 Series Switches


Trunking (802.1Q/ISL)

Configuring ISL Trunking on Catalyst 5000 Family Switches

Trunking Between a Catalyst 5000 and a Router over FDDI

Trunking Between Catalyst 5000 Series Switches Using 802.1Q Encapsulation with Cisco CatOS System Software



Creating Ethernet VLANs on Catalyst Switches

standing and Configuring VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP)

Understanding Issues Related to Inter-VLAN Bridging



Troubleshooting the Catalyst VMPS Switch



Catalyst 5000 Switch FAQ