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2924XL Switch

The 2924XL switch is a 24 port switch.  It contains 24/ 100 Base-T ports.  It contains 2 expansion module ports and is VLAN Capable.




Support Documentation


Catalyst 2900 User Guide

Installation Overview

Cabling Instructions

Configuring the Software

Configuring the Ethernet Software

Confirming the Installation


Technical Specifications

Quick Install

Cabling Specifications


Catalyst 2900 XL and Catalyst 3500 XL Command Reference, Releases 12.0(5)WC4 and 12.0(5)WC5

Using the Command-Line Interface

Cisco IOS Commands


Catalyst 2900 Series XL Enterprise Edition Software Configuration


Configuring VTP and Virtual LANs

Configuring VLAN Trunks

Configuring Dynamic VLAN Membership


Cisco IOS Desktop Switching Software Configuration Guide

Using the Management Interfaces

Creating and Managing Clusters

Managing Switches

Creating and Maintaining VLANs

Creating Performance Graphs and Link Reports



Miscellaneous Guides

Password Recovery Procedure for the Catalyst Layer 2 Fixed Configuration and 3550 Series Switches